Guest Post: Benefits of Vitamin C for Healthy Skin

Vitamin C is also known as L-ascorbic acid and is very essential for our skin. It is the vitamin that is easily soluble in water and is found naturally in our foods. But a human being cannot synthesize Vitamin C and as a result, it becomes very important for Vitamin C to be taken as […]

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5 Ways I Make Money Online from Home

How to Earn extra money online today

It recently occurred to me that I have a pretty decent range of ways that I make money online. I haven’t hit big YET but I know that the skills I’ve gained have afforded me the opportunity to live a bit of a freer life (is that even a word😏). Anyhow I have created somewhat […]

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Gorgeous Nails: Acrylic nail designs

Denim coffin shaped nails

Of Course we found some gorgeous designs. Of course they came from my IG feed where all the baddest nail techs share their latest and greatest designs for the world to dream at. I’m always happy to see such gorgeous nail designs. One of my favorite nail designs were the Denim looking set and a […]

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Easy Braided Natural hair Updo Style for Girls

Cute braided updo hairstyle for girls. Natural hairstyles

Hey guys! A few weeks ago I created a video tutorial about this cute hairstyle for girls. It occurred to me that I hadn’t created a blog post tutorial, so here we are today! Often times I find myself surfing the internet for inspiration, so I know what its like to need a hairstyle for […]

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Cute Braided Natural Hair Updo with Crochet hair VIDEO

Cute natural braided updo hairstyle for girls

I did this style on my daughter several months ago. I’ve finally gotten around to uploading it onto YouTube. In this style I braided her hair up into a ponytail. Really simple straight up cornrows. Following that I took Mambo twist hair and crocheted it around the base of the ponytail to create this simple […]

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Guided Meditation Anyone!

I have a friend who’s ALL about inspiration. Here story is a unique perspective as she has some strong religious background YET she’s still managed to share enlightenment. Her name’s Beverly BTW and she’s almost like that auntie with all the incents, red wine and hella rings on either hand lol totally not a complete […]

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