Why do men cheat?

There are always young attractive men and women no matter where you go or how you live. All throughout our lives we are met with obstacles, trial and error, and even temptation. Up to this point As a wife of  6 almost 7 years I have been able to refute temptation and uphold my integrity […]

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Kitchen Surprise- Detangling hair and Scalp Treatment

Surprise!! Your hair is a mess and you need to wash and detangle. Normally you leave your cleansing and detangling to your shampoo and conditioner hoping it’ll work. Well it won’t… at least not as good as this method. If you have afro textured/curly or just tangled and dry hair you are in for a […]

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Smokey Eye Makeup

In this video Jalisa gives a tutorial on how to do smokey eyeshadow. Jalisa’s love for makeup is evident in her performance so please enjoy this tutorial. Here Jalisa gives us another smokey eyeshadow but with lavender this time. Here you will get a variation of the smokey eye. Chao!

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Facial Exfoliant

washing face

My Skin Care Process – Here I show a quick and easy, natural, homemade skin exfoliation process. To give an option for a little variety in your skin care regimen I started with the exfoliation going against the grain with beautiful results. Enjoy! In step 2 of this 3 step process I move on to […]

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Healthy Hair Quick Tips

Keep you hair happy, treat your locks with love: 1. Wash regularly 2-3 times per week no less than once a week 2. Detangle regularly but at least after each wash 3. Moisturize 2-3 times a day for curly hair, and 1-2 times a day for straight hair 4. Co-wash between washes

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A Hint of Something Natural: Skin, Hair & Nails

 A journey to healthy skin, hair and nails In nature there are all kinds of cures for your ailments. A few questions that may puzzle you are: where do you find them, how do you know, how long and how much do I take. Today we will discuss a few natural remedies that you can […]

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Ways to keep your chemically treated hair healthy and growing

These are 5 great tips on how  to keep your hair healthy and growing when it is natural and chemically treated. This guide is great for all hair types but especially for chemically treated, curly, or dry. “Its very important for you to get those good moisturizers things that are really really gonna help you […]

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