Orange and Gold Eye Look with The Modern Renaissance Palette

ABH Modern Renaissance Orange Eye look

This Orange and Gold Eye Look was simply stunning……….. So weeks ago now I created this look with the New ABH Modern Renaissance Palette and I have finally gotten around to sharing it with you all. This look was inspired by…. The walls LOL NOT REALLY But may as well be. Along with the ABH […]

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All About That Modern Renaissance Palette

So Anastasia Beverly Hills came out with a new palette righttt……. So yea I bought it! Mainly so I could share it with you… ya know and give you the skinny  Anywho You may already know ALL THE DEETS, but just in case you missed it let me break it down for you. Features 14 […]

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Faux Kinky Ponytail & Bun Tutorial

Natural Hair Updo Bun & Ponytail Kinky Hair

2 in 1 Natural Hair Updo Using Marley Twist Hair So if you’re anything like me you love a simple, quick but Cute style. I can’t tell you how many hairstyle are so simple yet chic and elegant. As of late I have been looking to find hairstyles that complement my hair texture. Hense the […]

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Rihanna Anti Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Rihanna Anti Crown Image Dark Lipstick look

Last week I did this look long before the Work video came out! Finally I am getting the chance to upload this look. I did a collaboration with another youtuber for this look and we initially decided to do a Rihanna Anti themed look. This look is really similar to the Work tutorial but still […]

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Rihanna – Work Makeup Tutorial

Rihanna Work Video Glitter Makeup tutorial

Rihanna Work Explicit Makeup Tutorial Rihanna and Drake’s Work video came out and I had to do a makeup tutorial for it! I chose to do the gold glittery eye with deep green lip. To complete this look the first thing you want to do is prep the eye. Rihanna’s eye was truly flawless so […]

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Beginners How To Apply Acrylic Overlay to Natural Nails

How to do an acrylic overlay

How to apply Acrylic These are the steps on how to apply acrylic nails. To learn how to remove acrylic nails check out this tutorial To learn how to apply gel nails check out this video: What you will need to complete this process Liquid Acrylic or Monomer Powder Acrylic Glass Dappen Dish Acrylic Brush […]

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How To Remove Acrylic Nails or Overlay at Home (Video Included)

The steps to taking off acrylic nails are super easy and can be fast if you apply the proper techniques To complete this process you will need: Pure Acetone you can find this at your local Sally’s Beauty Supply Store Cotton Balls Pointed Clippers Glass Cup or container ( Glass is best so as not […]

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