Grunge Look On a Nite Out

Grunge makeup and outfit Distressed Jeans DIY Top

Grunge fashion… What the hell is it?!?! What does it look like and is there a face of grunge? I don’t think so… I love Grunge during the fall it’s the first look I usually gravitate towards around this time of year. Take it this outfit I wore to the Hip Hop League Draft My Lita […]

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My Everyday Makeup Look

              So being that I now have pink hair, I feel the need to pull it all together with a full face. Everyday to be fully put together I have been wearing this super simple makeup look. Yea Iʼve certainly not been, up until this point an Every day makeup type […]

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Summer Sunset Nail Art Design Tutorial

Getting that perfect nail design will get your summer started out right. This Summer Sunset Nail Design is exactly what you need. Bright Colorful and fun Nail Art. Glamour143 nail tutorial

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Irish Green Step By Step Nail Tutorial

Ok so, unknowingly the week before Saint Patrick’s Day I painted my nails green. I suppose I had seen the color green, for Saint Patrick’s day, and thought it would be a great nail color to try. So subconsciously unaware of Saint Patrick’s Day I painted my nails green. Towards the end of that week […]

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Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Him and Her

Ok so Valentine’s Day is upon us and we need to figure out something for our special love interest. So here are a few ideas I have gathered for you to give your sweetie something to smile about. Happy shopping.   Gift’s For Your Wife All women love a piece of jewelry so if you’re […]

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Life’ s Contemplations

There are times when you have to sit back look around and contemplate on the things happeing around you. To just enjoy the beauty life brings with each new day. The challenges that beakon you to be better. The humility you experience when life just doesnt go right. The pride and sence of accomplishment you […]

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A broken heart… Never a broken spirit…

I knew you were in bed with the demon I was just too naïve to see it. I made every effort to be right but the only thing you want is for me to be is what you like the problem is I was never what you liked I’m not Mexican, I not a hoe […]

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