How To Cleanse & Detangle Your Hair Naturally No Shampoo

So there are a few things that we all at some point may need to know. 1. How to get your hair clean on that day you run out of shampoo 2. How to rid your hair and scalp of product buildup and 3. How to get rid of those tangles or kinks in your hair. If […]

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How I Manage To Workout When I’m Feeling Lazy

On a day when you just want to sit around and do nothing a quick workout will boost your energy and keep you from doing your normal vigorous workout when all you wanna do is be lazy. Here’s my Lazy Day workout.

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3 Ways to Naturally Promote Faster Hair Growth

How to grow your hair longer and faster

Growing your natural hair is already a journey but the journey doesn’t have to be long and frustrating. So to help you keep the guess work out of hair growth I will share with you some of my favorite hair growth home remedies that help me keep my hair growing long and strong.

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Lunch Please! Make this Tasty Salad in Just 5 Minutes

Eating Clean doesn’t have to be a joy kill or even a food kill. To get healthy and/or stay healthy you should always include the green! Today for lunch I made this yummy Spinach and Kale Salad. Not only was it a healthy addition to my meal selection it was very good and satisfying. So in […]

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Lavendar 5 Health Benefits To Improve Your Lifestyle

  On my recent trip to the health food store there were a few key items that I searched tirelessly for, 1 of them being lavender. If you have ever used lotions, shampoos, candles etc. with lavender in it, you already know of it’s relaxing qualities. But did you know that lavender can be used […]

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