Fight Sickness During Season Change

When the seasons change, our immunity changes too. We love when the weather breaks, because we can go from long sleeve turtlenecks to tank tops, spaghetti straps and shorts, But the one thing no one loves about the season change is getting sick! I’ve decided to take a break from my normal beauty routine to […]

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5 Oils For Your Natural Hair Growth

5 Natural hair oils

Caring for and growing your hair is not always just and automatic happening. Sometimes you have to take measures to ensure that your hair is healthy and growing as it should or even faster than it should. Today I’m going to share with some of MY FAVORITE hair oils to keep my hair growing longer […]

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Happy New Years: My Goals for 2017

Goals and planning for the new year

Yes I’m late but the party doesn’t stop its only begun! At the end of the month on the 26th ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!!! Happy New Years~ So it seems that every year here on my blog I make a super Late intro to the New Year. So why change it up now! You guys already […]

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25 Days Of Christmas Day 16-8 for Him & Her

So I know you guys think I just gave up and forgot… But I didn’t. I just got a little caught up this week and ended up working a lot of overtime hours so I wasn’t able to upload. So lets just get into these 25 days of Christmas ideas. Time is winding down and […]

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25 Days of Christmas: Day 17 Shoes His & Hers

25 Days of Christmas Gift Giving

Everybody loves shoes, but to be honest it seems kinda like cheating to just buy shoes as a Christmas gift … UNLESS They are some super limited edition luxury kind of shoes…. Either way it goes having the right shoes is imperative. Everything I said about handbags are also true about shoes. The right pair of […]

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25 Days of Christmas: Day 18 Cruise Trips

Christmas Gift ideas

Take A Trip of Cruise Trip to Vegas, France, Africa, Brazil, family etc. etc. etc. Always a great way to surprise your love. If your travels have been slim lately, taking a much needed trip could really change the dynamics of where thins have been going, Sometimes just the much needed rest or just the […]

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25 Days of Christmas: Day 20 Tickets

gif beyonce on stage concert

Concert/Play/Comedy Show Tickets Everybody’s different Sometimes just switching it up can be a nice change of pace. Plus if you have a die hard Yonce fan or a Swift fan tickets could be all they ever needed for any gift. Choose wisely tho! Making a mistake in this department could be a real buzz kill. […]

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