How To Stay Positive Around Negative People

Feeling down??? Around people who make disappointment’s turn into traumatic situations? Is your environment clogged with tension in the air? If so this video will help you with a few brainstorm idea to begin your process of separating from the negative energy around you. Please share this video if you found it helpful.

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New music I LOVE!!! Music Clip

So I guess you didn’t know that music is my passion… Here’s a clip of a new song written and performed by me Qualah Check it Out Hey if you like this clip visit and follow me on Soundcloud @ Follow me on twitter @

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Nail Design Tutorials

Winter Wonderland a design I created to represent my version of a winter wonder land. The idea was to have ice cycles hanging down from the snow and falling down to the ground at the tips of each ice cycle there are little rhinestones. Watch Here> Ziggy 3 was a design I created around the […]

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Is there a “Man of My Dreams?”

Today I decided to watch a little Television. While flipping through different shows of interest from my guide I came across Catfish: The T.V. Show on MTV. If you don’t already know this show takes people who have fallen in love with a man or woman they met on the internet(Namely facebook) to meet the […]

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Why do men cheat?

There are always young attractive men and women no matter where you go or how you live. All throughout our lives we are met with obstacles, trial and error, and even temptation. Up to this point As a wife of  6 almost 7 years I have been able to refute temptation and uphold my integrity […]

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