25 Days Of Christmas Day 16-8 for Him & Her

So I know you guys think I just gave up and forgot… But I didn’t. I just got a little caught up this week and ended up working a lot of overtime hours so I wasn’t able to upload. So lets just get into these 25 days of Christmas ideas. Time is winding down and […]

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25 Days of Christmas: Day 17 Shoes His & Hers

25 Days of Christmas Gift Giving

Everybody loves shoes, but to be honest it seems kinda like cheating to just buy shoes as a Christmas gift … UNLESS They are some super limited edition luxury kind of shoes…. Either way it goes having the right shoes is imperative. Everything I said about handbags are also true about shoes. The right pair of […]

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25 Days of Christmas: Day 21 Buy a Bag(Her) & A Wallet(Him)

Gift ideas for him and her handbags and wallets

  On the 21st day of Christmas my love gave to me Beautiful Designer Bags(Of course this is in my singing voice ya know) Handbags & Wallets Any girl whose into fashion has her perfect ensemble for specific occasions visualized. Most of those trendy chicas love to have the right bag to go along with […]

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25 Days of Christmas: Day 24 Him & Her

Leather Jacket Coat For Men

You can never go wrong with leather. Almost everyone loves it! Yes of course if your boo is the director of PETA maybe not, but generally people love leather, especially for the ever approaching winter. Plus if you have the PETA director on your hands you can always go Faux leather and all is right […]

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6 Cute Fall/Winter Outfit Ideas

Winter Fall Trendy Fashion Ideas

Soooo Yea I know fall started for most of you like a few months ago, but for me Fall has barely even begun yet. I live in Central Florida and today it was 84 degrees out! For many of you we are well into fall and winter is sneaking up real quick. Just forget about all […]

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Cute & On Sale: Steve Madden Shoe Clearance

Steve Madden Shoes

UPDATE 11/14/16 Most of these shoes are now SOLD OUT! But they are still cute and will give you some great style ideas. Ciao So just internet shopping and I decided to check out Steve Madden’s website for the first time! Now I usually do all of my Shoe & Fashion shopping in store, but today […]

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Kerry Washington Sexy Edgy Oscar Gown Stuns | 88th Annual Academy What We Loved!

BEST DRESSED RED CARPET EDITION These are the best dressed from the 88th annual Oscars held Feb 28, 2016 Hollywood Los Angeles, Ca   Well for the 88th Annual Academy Awards held in Hollywood Ca was nothing short of amazing. Stunning fashion and style as the Oscars arrivals showed off all their glory on the […]

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