Plus Size Can’t Wear Floral Print… Can They + Use Cut and Design to Transform Your Look

Traditional High fashion designers have shared their fashion tips and advice with the fashion world for ages. The general consensus … Designers across the world have aimed to diminish certain designs to size 0 and below. Criticizing any woman sizes 6 and up who desires to Rock the latest fashions! Especially attempting to diminish the […]

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Grunge Look On a Nite Out

Grunge makeup and outfit Distressed Jeans DIY Top

Grunge fashion… What the hell is it?!?! What does it look like and is there a face of grunge? I don’t think so… I love Grunge during the fall it’s the first look I usually gravitate towards around this time of year. Take it this outfit I wore to the Hip Hop League Draft My Lita […]

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A Simple Day Dress

Purple and Blue Hair on Brown Skin

As Im sitting here reflecting on my day eating my 3rd piece of cake (Its So Good… And I haven’t had cake in HELLA long) anyway I remember that last night or yesterday I was in the middle of writing this post. I wore this SUPER simple Plain Jane Dress and I LOVVEDD IT!!! Like […]

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Off The Runway Fall Ready To Wear Fashions

So every season I love to look at what hit the Runway for the season. For Fall 2017 there were some things I expected to see and some I was just not here for! As there always is. The thing I love about fashion week is you can literally walk outside with a bandaid on […]

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My Fav Fragrance’s Right Now

Its true I’ve never written a post about my favorite fragrances. I decided to make a change!  Since its been 1/2 a century since I last wrote something I figured I had to jump start somewhere… so here we are. You must forgive me for being abscent. I simply have had writers block for awhile […]

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599 Fashion Tryon Haul and Review

Casual Fashion Haul 599FASHION

Disclaimer: This is NOT SPONSORED  I got the opportunity to get some clothes from 599fashion to try out for review. I have to say that I was pretty happy with my selections. Two of the items have actually become my favorites as far as clothes goes. I must point out that you have to be careful […]

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25 Days Of Christmas Day 16-8 for Him & Her

So I know you guys think I just gave up and forgot… But I didn’t. I just got a little caught up this week and ended up working a lot of overtime hours so I wasn’t able to upload. So lets just get into these 25 days of Christmas ideas. Time is winding down and […]

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