Uv Gel Nail Art (Liquid Gel)

NAIL ART SHOWCASE (2013 DESIGN) I have put together a very brief showcase of UV nail designs from 2013. These pictures give a small example of the designs that can be done with UV LIQUID GEL. Nail shops all over will tell you that acrylic is better but actually IT’S JUST CHEAPER! Nail Swirl An abstract […]

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Nail Design Tutorials

Winter Wonderland a design I created to represent my version of a winter wonder land. The idea was to have ice cycles hanging down from the snow and falling down to the ground at the tips of each ice cycle there are little rhinestones. Watch Here> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDGiZx3q3q4 Ziggy 3 was a design I created around the […]

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