3 Cute Chrome/Mirror Nail Designs

Coffin Nail Mirror Nails

So Mirror/Chrome nails have been around for a while now Yet I still don’t see a lot of innovation regarding designs. I thought I’d share a few since I thought these were cute. Short and sweet today. Ttyl Until Next Time Stay Healthy Happy and Always Loving

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7 Cute Short Nail Designs for Christmas & Winter Season

Christmas is rolling right around the corner and there are so many things to think about. Hairstyles, Outfits, Makeup etc. Well Let not your nails be on that list. Today I have gathered 7 cute short nail designs that you can consider for your holiday cheer. These nail design can of course be altered to fit […]

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Nail Designs Perfect For the Holiday Season

Christmas nail art design ideas

You guessed it! Holiday nail designs. It doesn’t take much to realize the holidays are strolling up smooth! Its time to get those styles and designs out for the holiday kicker. So I’ve included a few nail designs you may find inspiration from for this holiday prep season. For this holiday season, go spend the time […]

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25 Designer Nail Art Design Ideas

Blue Stiletto nail designs

Just surfing the web and I got lost in a sea of cute nails. I may not always post about nails, BUT we go BACK … WAY BACK!!! When it comes to nails I love anything cute, blingy, “Ghetto” as they called it 10 years ago, whatever I like it! So check out these designer […]

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Beginners How To Apply Acrylic Overlay to Natural Nails

How to do an acrylic overlay

How to apply Acrylic These are the steps on how to apply acrylic nails. To learn how to remove acrylic nails check out this tutorial To learn how to apply gel nails check out this video: What you will need to complete this process Liquid Acrylic or Monomer Powder Acrylic Glass Dappen Dish Acrylic Brush […]

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How To Remove Acrylic Nails or Overlay at Home (Video Included)

The steps to taking off acrylic nails are super easy and can be fast if you apply the proper techniques To complete this process you will need: Pure Acetone you can find this at your local Sally’s Beauty Supply Store Cotton Balls Pointed Clippers Glass Cup or container ( Glass is best so as not […]

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Which would you choose??? My Vote for 1 Base 3 glitters poll is in

So I took a poll on this 1 base 3 glitters video tutorial upload and much to my surprise with over 147 votes at 83% the most popular choice was choice number 1. I however don’t really agree with this poll because I’m a sparkle baby. While all of the glitters were very pretty I find […]

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