Nail Friday Beautiful Summer Nails

Gorgeous Acrylic Summer nail designs

Hey Love! This week I wanted to feature some great designs I thought would be perfect for the summer. I came across some really gorgeous and vibrant nail designs with colors of the full spectrum color wheel. This week these beautiful nails are in several shapes and as you scroll through these nail art designs […]

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26 Beautiful Acrylic Nail Designs

I KNOW Y’all didn’t think I was gonna forget nail design Friday did you?!?!?! I’m late but I’m here baby. So I noticed a bit of Abstract design going on this week as well as a few deep vibrant hues. Last week everything was light and bright, kinda pastel like colors,  this week colors are […]

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40 Best Stiletto Nail Designs

Colorful Marble Stiletto nail design

Last week we focused on the best Coffin Shaped nail designs. This week I wanted to follow up with the 40 Best Stiletto nail designs. All of which are perfect for the current and upcoming season. The nails I chose for this week are extremely vibrant and shaped to perfection.. I actually excluded an acrylic […]

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Best Coffin Shaped Nail Designs Killin the Game 2018

Psychedelic Coffin shaped nails

Coffin or Ballerina or Princess Shaped nails are on trend. Though they’ve been on trend for quite some time the trend doesn’t seem to be going any where! So This week I decided to create a theme. As I looked at the gorgeous nail designs collected from this weeks Instagram finds, I thought it would […]

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Best Nail Designs on IG + The Ugliest Nails on the Internet

Hot Dream Pink and black nail design

I wanted to do the best Ombre nails of the week. Not enough ombre nails to do the job so I’ll save it for next week. This week just another post full of hella cute nail designs using Acrylic, UV gel acrylic polish and other cute polish. I saw a few designs that were […]

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21 of This Weeks Best Nail Designs

I’m just sitting here writing blog posts and I REMEMBER OH CRAP ITS NAIL DESIGN FRIDAY!!!! Sorry Ladies and Gents I 1st of ALL had to be told on several ocassions today that it was FRIDAY! So forgive me and 2nd by the time I sit down to write its DAMN near Saturday morning! So […]

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