Rihanna Anti Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Rihanna Anti Crown Image Dark Lipstick look

Last week I did this look long before the Work video came out! Finally I am getting the chance to upload this look. I did a collaboration with another youtuber for this look and we initially decided to do a Rihanna Anti themed look. This look is really similar to the Work tutorial but still […]

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Rihanna – Work Makeup Tutorial

Rihanna Work Video Glitter Makeup tutorial

Rihanna Work Explicit Makeup Tutorial Rihanna and Drake’s Work video came out and I had to do a makeup tutorial for it! I chose to do the gold glittery eye with deep green lip. To complete this look the first thing you want to do is prep the eye. Rihanna’s eye was truly flawless so […]

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Beyonce Formation Makeup Tutorial

  Beyonce came out with a new video as you already know! I really liked this look when I saw it so I had to do a tutorial for it. This look actually reminds me of Rihanna’s Bitch Better Have My Money makeup tutorial from last year. They essentially wore the same eye in a […]

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Sephora and Ulta Birthday Freebies

Sephora Marc Jacobs beauty insider gift

For my birthday I pretty much hit up the few places I knew I could get some birthday love from: Ihop… Free Pancake, Dunkin Donuts…Free hot chocolate, Sephora, Ulta and unfortunately that’s the end of my tired list of freebies given. Hopefully by next year I would have extended that list so you all know […]

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How To Clean and Sanitize Makeup Brushes without Brush Cleaner

How to Cleanse and Sanitize your makeup brushes without brush cleaner So we all know there are times when we run out of brush cleaner or… our brushes are war survivors. At times we are always on our game with cleaning and other times, We simply Dread the thought of cleaning our makeup brushes. For […]

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New Years Eve Makeup and Hairstyle for Natural Hair

So the New Year is Upon us and you certainly need to get your ideas underway. So let me tell ya! All I think of and see in the land of my adventurous mind is Glitz and Glitter! The is Never ever a place in my mind where glitter and shine is not in a […]

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