Neon Lights Makeup Tutorial

Qualah Coloful Makeup Look

Girl!!!! So let me just start out by saying this makeup look was created SEVERAL months ago… I forgot to share it here. <End of Story> Its a new day, lets get into this super uber fabulously cute colorful makeup look. So this year for the end of the summer I hosted my 2nd annual Last […]

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6 Glam Holiday Makeup Looks

Some like subtle, some like nice, but Me I like it to sparkle like ice! Once again surfing the net looking for inspiration and low and behold. . . These makeup looks are perfect for your glamorous holiday. When I saw these makeup looks I knew I had to share them with you. We may […]

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My November Beauty Wishlist

Full Spectrum Palette

My Beauty wishlist for this month is simple! I want what I want and that’s that!!! (Moment Over) So I went to Sephora to play around one day and from that visit I added a few items to my list. This month its not a lot but its enough to make this list. Urban Decay […]

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My Everyday Makeup Look

              So being that I now have pink hair, I feel the need to pull it all together with a full face. Everyday to be fully put together I have been wearing this super simple makeup look. Yea Iʼve certainly not been, up until this point an Every day makeup type […]

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Sephora Shopping Gone Wrong

Guess what I did….. I went to Sephora. Boooo …….. Yes I know youʼre probably confused let me tell you why I booed! I went to Sephora and Judging by my previous post my “My Beauty Wishlist” there were a few things you KNOW I really wanted to buy. So last weekend a friend and […]

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My Beauty Wishlist

 My Beauty Wishlist *Warning This Post Includes Profanity If that offends you… Don’t read this post! xoxo So normally I just take my time to write about actual tangible things such as what I have or what I’ve done or what I know! Today I decided to share with you all what I WANT! Kinda […]

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Beauty Killer Palette 4 SALE!!!!!!

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Beauty Killer Palette

Hey everybody! I have a beauty killer palette for sale. This item is brand new never been touched still in box, unopened unwrapped. If you find yourself interested in this palette I’d love to hear from you! Contact me in the comments or by email if you are interested in purchasing this palette. This palette […]

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