I Am The Blow Dry Queen

The Beauty of Blow Dried Hair So on Thursday I did the fabulous to my hair! Now I know for most of you this may seem so silly and unexcitable but for me it was pure gold and gave an invigorating appeal to my hair. Not that I haven’t been but I’ve just been a […]

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3 Ways to Naturally Promote Faster Hair Growth

How to grow your hair longer and faster

Growing your natural hair is already a journey but the journey doesn’t have to be long and frustrating. So to help you keep the guess work out of hair growth I will share with you some of my favorite hair growth home remedies that help me keep my hair growing long and strong.

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How To Do A Full Sew-In With Invisible Part Using Flip Over Method

Hello Friends   Today I wanted to show you how I was able to complete this full head Sew-In Hair style with an invisible part. In this tutorial I will focus in on how to complete the invisible part using the Flip Over method. This method is extremely easy if you know how to sew […]

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How To: High, Colored, Braided Bun Tutorial With Pictures

Red Braided Bun

Steps To Creating This High Firery Braided Bun High Buns have been in and out of style for ages. As of late they have taken a ride on the uptrend train. If you are looking to create a faux or synthetic bun this will be the tutorial for you. Enjoy   First and foremost you must […]

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Solange Shows Us the Top Fight Hairstyle of the Week!

Solange Knowles Attack Jay z Hair stil in place

Ladies and Gentlemen when you have something to get off your chest and you think there’s going to be a fight…… You may need to take some time on selecting the perfect hairstyle for the event!   Solange Knowles does just that for 2014 Met Gala with this Short and Sassy layered Mushroom Bob. Unfortunately this […]

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FroHawk Edgy Style

FroHawk For the edgy natural hair girls with style As one who loves to change hairstyles often I must say that I enjoy creating an edgy look from time to time. Here I will show you how I do a Mohawk or fro hawk rather on my natural hair. This style is a great style […]

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Princess Braids Classic Style

Princess Braids Classic Hairstyle for Any Hair Type In this video I show you my hairstyle of the week…. Princess Braids!!! I love this look. For this style I decided to do princess braids with the ends of the braids left out. I also added an elegant touch to the style by adding little pearls […]

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