Purple Feed In Braids: My Current Hairstyle

So uh yea I just needed a break!!! OKAY!!! Whew girl I am so in love with my braids lately! Summer time is just braid season anyways cuz its too damn hot out to be tryna keep your fro right!!! So braids or wash n go are go to styles for us naturals. This is […]

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5 Times that Braid Out Was *Lit*

Black hairstyle on natural hair

Just surfing the web as I regularly do and I saw a beautiful braid out. That braid out gave me the idea to search for more and what did I find….¬†More beautiful braid outs! Then I got to thinking how beautiful natural hair really is. Its so versatile very forgiving and quite fun Most times, […]

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5 Oils For Your Natural Hair Growth

5 Natural hair oils

Caring for and growing your hair is not always just and automatic happening. Sometimes you have to take measures to ensure that your hair is healthy and growing as it should or even faster than it should. Today I’m going to share with some of MY FAVORITE hair oils to keep my hair growing longer […]

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6 Ways To Challenge Your Hair Care Regimen in 2017

Condition More Offer your hair more conditioning treatments that will bring back moisture and reset your curls. Rinse More You don’t have to Wash your hair every time it gets wet, Sometimes just a nice wash will re moisturize your curls and rinse away any products building up on the top layer of your hair. […]

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How To Wear Braids for the Health and Benefit of Your Hair

Overstyling in the beginning and end can cause breakage

5 Common Maintenance Tips for Wearing Braids Avoid braids and braiders who pull too tight Give your hair a break between each set Properly wash and condition your hair before and after each set of braids. For individuals avoid over styling in the beginning. Treat edges with oil or cream To ensure that your edges […]

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5 Cute Braided Updo Hairstyles Great Style Ideas for Budget Too

You know I love me some cute hairstyles. Today I decided to focus on cute braided updo hairstyles. Updo’s are by far my favorite type of hairstyles. I love the tall, I love the wild, I love them with twists and loops and swoops. While these style wont be including those aspects they are close […]

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My Favorite 2016 Natural Hairstyle Creations

Twisted Mohawk Updo Natural Hairstyles Updo Styles for Natural hair

¬† 2016 Was a pretty good year! I was able to boost the content on both my blog and my youtube channel. I created a lot of hairstyles that were cute quick and perfect for all hair types although my main focus was Natural Hair. I have taken a look back on 2016 and narrowed […]

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