Cute Braided Natural Hair Updo with Crochet hair VIDEO

Cute natural braided updo hairstyle for girls

I did this style on my daughter several months ago. I’ve finally gotten around to uploading it onto YouTube. In this style I braided her hair up into a ponytail. Really simple straight up cornrows. Following that I took Mambo twist hair and crocheted it around the base of the ponytail to create this simple […]

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How to Bleach the Knots on Your Lace Closure

How to bleach closure before and after

When you receive a new set of extension with a closure … its really like getting a new pair of shoes. You have to try them on, break em in, customize the shoe strings etc. With your bundles its no different. Before you actually wear your extensions you run your fingers through the bundles, shake […]

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4 Cute Natural Hair Updos


What can I say… I’m a super fan of Updo hairstyles. I needed to gather a few styles I knew we’d all love so we can all become inspired and design a whole new range of trendy Updo styles for natural hair. I often scroll the internet looking for ideas and give them a try […]

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Natural Hair Troubles: Baby Hair Woes How Do You Get Yo Edges Laid Girl

baby hair edges on natural hair

I have this secret running Joke… I ain’t got baby hairs! Not for not trying, but because My 100% Untouched Natural edges don’t give 1 DAMN about me from time to time wanting some baby edges😏. There has been only 1 time in recently recorded history that my edges complied …. But only for a […]

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5 Trendy Hairstyles Perfect For Prom 2018

Guess what time it is … it’s prom season! That means it’s time for you to start planning your grand entrance! It’s time to start thinking about your dress, hairstyle, and what accessories you’re going to choose for your big night! During prom you want to be sure you’re Rockin the best styles and fashions […]

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2018 Hot Spring Hair Trends

Spring/Summer 18 like any other will be marked by its distinct trends and savvy fashion. With the seasons change right on our heels, it’s time to get ready for the Trends to change over as well. Celebrity stylist Micha B. recently shared a few easy 2018 style trends with Fox 11 using AVERA Hair. These […]

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How To: Cute Box Braid Natural Hair Style Tutorial

Box Braids For cute girls

Spring & Summer are rollin up clean… Before you know it, it’ll be time for Box braid daisy dukes and bikini tops again and I AM READY I’m ready to get super cute with my ridiculously long braids looking hella BLACK GIRL MAGIC and all that good golden stuff. Im ready for the beach and […]

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