Get White Teeth at Home in 4 Easy Steps with Smiling Beauties Teeth Whitening Kit

Teeth whitenting kit from home

Today I tried a new product that I absolutely have to tell you about. I tried out The Smiling Beauties teeth whitening kit. This teeth whitening kit is the perfect way to keep your smile white while in between dental visits. 


The Smiling Beauties teeth whitening kit comes complete with 

1 x Rechargeable teeth whitening light, 3 whitening gel pens, a shade guide to help you see your progress, a dust cover and charging base, 2 charging cables and a user manual. The beauty of this handy devise is its ability to recharge wirelessly. 

I took the opportunity to give this kit a try and here’s how it went…

First of all let me start out by saying that this kit is really handy and it makes the teeth whitening process super easy. It's safe, it's convenient, and it allows you to get the process done in a considerably short amount of time without having to visit the dentist. 

Now with that being said you are going to spend about 16 minutes per day using this teeth whitening kit, but the end results really do show when you actually use the product.

Smiling beauties teeth whitening kit

How to Use the Kit:

Using the smiling beauties teeth whitening kit is super easy let's go ahead and go over the steps now:

Step 1

To start out you'll want to pull out all of the products out of the packaging. You'll want to ensure that your tooth whitening device is fully charged. 

After you have all of the materials that you're going to need, you're going to start out by rinsing out your mouth. You want to check the shade of your teeth using the shade checker. 

Step 2

After rinsing out your mouth and checking the shade of your teeth, you'll take one of the three teeth whitening gel pens and you’re going to apply the gel to your teeth. 

Step 3

Immediately after applying the gel solution to your teeth you're going to insert and turn on the device. This is automatically going to time the process for 16 minutes, so there's no need to set up a timer.

Step 4

Once the device turns off you may also hear a beep as well as an indicator that the process is complete; once the process is complete you will then pull the device out rinse out your mouth and use the shade checker to see the results!


I’d say using the smiling beautiess teeth whitening kit was actually super easy and a very quick and painless process. I did enjoy using this kit because I noticed personally that when I used it my teeth were whitened a few shades after only one use.

So if you're interested in using this device certainly reach out to to get your teeth whitening device today!

Hey don't forget to check out the video that goes along with his blog post where I can actually show you via video how to use this device.

Until next time stay healthy happy and always loving. 

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