How To: Put on Magnetic Eyelashes

Easiest way to apply false lashes magnetic eyelashes how to put on magnetic lashes

Easiest way to Apply False lashes: How to Put on Magnetic Eyelashes

Let's keep it all the way real: Applying false lashes is no easy task. Between the sticky messy glue and the steady hand and skill required to get proper placement of the strip or individual lash, it can feel like it’s very difficult to get it right. Not to mention the pure irritation of false lash removal, when its time to peel them off at the end of the day. In more ways than one, wearing fake eyelashes could often have you feeling like they’re more trouble than they're worth.

That’s why I’ve be LOVING to wear my Magnetic eyelashes every single day!!! Magnetic eyelashes give me a way to wear falsies literally without any of the irritation of wearing lashes the traditional way. Instead of using lash glue — which, in addition to being unnecessarily messy, for some can cause allergies, pull out your eyelashes, and sometimes hurt when you pull them off— these magnetic eyelashes are a freaking dream. Magnetic lashes stick on your lashes with magnets.

For me, the reasons why I love magnetic lashes is because they are so easy to use. I’m a total fan of magnetic eyelashes from Slick Love magnetic line. They’re so simple, they take like 2 seconds to apply, and the more you apply them the more easily they just pop on and off for you.

Magnetic Eyelash Kit Includes Magnetic strip lash compact and Magnetic eyeliner

Magnetic eyelashes essentially work by applying magnetic eyeliner to the lash line as you normally would and apply the strip lash with magnets attached to them right on tip of the eyeliner, making them the EASIEST way to apply false eyelashes for beginners.

There are other option wherein you’d sandwich your natural lashes between two false lashes with magnetic strips attached. The magnetics on either version hold the magnetic eyelashes in place the way glue on lashes normally would. 

While magnetic lashes previously had a tendency to be pricier than traditional strip now they are lower and offered with much better styles. The best part about magnetic lashes is that you can wear them, wash them, and re-wear them multiple times, just like normal strip lashes but your don’t have to experience the head ache of traditional false lashes. Now you end up getting a better bang for your buck and these are super easy for anyone even beginners.

When you’re ready to try magnetic lashes out for yourself here’s how to apply magnetic eyelashes in 3 easy steps.

You’ll want to prep your natural lashes as you normally would by curling your lashes and applying your favorite mascara. 

The reason why you do this is the same reason you would for traditional set of lashes… You want them to properly blend when they’re applied so they look more realistic.

When you’re done prepping lets get our Slick Lash Magnetic Eyelash Kit and apply following these 3 Steps.

Step one: Apply magnetic eyeliner to lash line in your desired thickness. You’ll want the liner to be close to your natural lash line to ensure your natural lashes and your false magnetic eyelashes blend well. 

Easy way to apply false lashes Step 1 of How to apply Magnetic Eyelash
Step 1: Easy way to apply lashes with magnetic eyelashes

Step two: using either your hand or your eyelash applicator place the magnetic lash as close to the lash line as you can. Remember that these are magnetic so if you need to adjust them you can certainly do so. 

Easiest way to apply false lashes Step 2 of How to apply Magnetic Eyelash
Step 2: Easy way to apply lashes with magnetic eyelashes

Step three: do you want to make sure that your magnetic lashes are properly placed in position and then you're done!

Easy way to apply false lashes Step 3 of How to apply Magnetic Eyelash
Step 3: Easy way to apply lashes with magnetic eyelashes

Make sense? For a visual aid, check out this step-by-step tutorial on how to apply magnetic eyelashes with or without an applicator.

Thanks for reading!

Easiest way to put on false lashes Magnetic Eyelash Tutorial

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