Carli Bybel x ABH Palette Review & Swatches

carli bybel x abh palette review and swatches

Hey guys welcome back for another episode of Anastasia Beverly Hills Review and Swatch. Not really but here we'll be discussing the Carli Bybel x ABH Palette

So lets get into this. The Carli Bybel x ABH Palette dropped last Thurday and to kick off the launch guess who's store didn't have the palette when I showed up like a “Good Guru” to get it! YEP MINE.

I was totally irritated but, I walked out with Vol. 2 of the Norvina Palette to feel like the trip wasn't wasted and promptly returned the following day to retrieve the elusive palette 😏

Ok enough with my DRAMA πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Anywho when I got home I jumped straight into the palette to get swatches, tested it out with a tutorial #below and got a real feel of how the palette performed, the wearability of the shades, the pigmentation etc. Now we know this is Anastasia Beverly Hills so its to be expected that the shades are great in quality and pigmentation.

So as I got into the palette I certainly noticed the Standard 16 Shades in the palette. Shade Names Are as follows

Boli, Bybel, Mandala, Libra, Jode, OA, Boie, Bear, Moo, Chai, Cindy, Stev, Aura, My Angels

I will say that in swatching the shadows out on my brown skin there were a few flaws. Now I know I also have the Jackie Aina Palette to use BLAH BLAH BLAH!!! But still I pretty much try to get about 75-95% of ABH Palettes when released. I'm NOT a collector but I'm kinda somehow drawn to ABH palettes.

PSST Could be All the YouTubers Talking About ABH Palettes at any given moment 🀨 But thats besides the point😏

As you can see there are some not gray shades looking very gray on my skin. They did choose a few amazing shimmer shades for this palette and I must point these gorgeous shades out. So if you check out My Angels, Moo, Stev, Aura, Jode, Libra you'll see how beautifully these shades are.

In the end I'd have to say I'll personally be returning this palette due to a few shades being very hard to show up on the eye and the shade selection not particularly being beneficial to me now. Out of the 4 most palettes I've purchased from ABH this is the only one I'll be returning due to pigmentation, blendability and shade range.

In my 1st tutorial you will see how the shades performed. You will also notice I had some difficulty really getting the shade to actually perform well on the eye. Watch the video now to get my take and live swatches on this palette. Also be sure to subscribe to my channel and follow my blog.

I look forward to seeing you next time. Comment down below if you got this palette. What was your favorite shade and did you like the palette?

Stay Healthy Happy and Always Loving

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