5 Minute Back to School Style Genie Ponytail On Natural Hair

Genie Ponytail on 4c natural hair

It's Back to School time! During back to school time its necessary to have hairstyles that are quick easy, can last, and look good! This natural hairstyle is really quick so you won't waste a lot of time in the morning during your morning routine.

This natural hairstyle worked perfectly on my 4c hair and I was able to wear the style for a few weeks before wanted to change it up. I've included the full tutorial as well as a few simple ways to keep this super cute Genie Ponytail back to school natural hairstyle.

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To keep this style fresh

Keeping this cute back to school style fresh is really a way to ensure you have time in the morning and can make your morning routine faster and less complicated. While this style is great for any hair texture this post is geared towards natural hair more specifically 4c type hair.

You can keep this style fresh by wrapping your hair at night. Keep your hair fresh by wearing your cap during showers as well as sleeping. If you need to freshen the style during the week simply remove the ponytail and re-adjust your bun.

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