Jumbo Box Braids Rubber band Method Natural Hairstyles

Rubberband method box braids

Jumbo Box Braids using Rubber Band Method

A few months ago I created this natural hairstyle. It was time for something new and Jumbo Box Braids seemed to be trending so why not!?

Being that I'd been wanting to try the rubberband method and I needed a hairstyle that would last me more than a week, I decided to get some hair and do this style.

Today's style, box braids on natural hair with extensions will also be using the rubber band method. Let's get started!

Hair Used

The Jumbo Box braid hairstyle is a protective style for natural hair. On my 4c natural hair its often necessary to braid it to keep it from tangles. I used ombre kanekelon hair from the local beauty supply store.

The brand evades me because its not a popular brand, however the color is really pretty so I decided to go with it.

Time to Create this Style

To create this super cute summer natural hairstyle it took about 4 hours total. That includes rubber banding braiding and styling. As I did the style again in the months to follow the process got quicker.

Now to do the rubberband method Jumbo Box Braids on my 4c natural hair it takes about 2 1/2 hours to complete.

Tools used to create this style

Box braids are some of the most popular styles options for african american women. We wear this style as a protective hairstyle. This is a simple style and its made easier with the use of rubber bands.

If you're looking to create this style follow the steps in the jumbo box braid rubber band method tutorial below.

To accomplish this style there are a few tools you'll need.

I used rubber bands, gel, a comb, and hair to complete this style. Following the actual Jumbo Braids I also used hair accessories to make the style look better.

Here's a step by step video tutorial on how to create Jumbo Box Braids on yourself from home using the rubber band method. I hope you enjoy and don't forget to subscribe.

To add a little style I did use hair accessories.

Until Next time

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