Street Style: Black Long Sleeve Top Denim Pants w/ Red Plaid Reversible Poncho

Styling a red plaid poncho Street Style

Street Style: Black Long Sleeve Top Denim Pants w/ Red Plaid Reversible Poncho

Dark denim, Black long sleeve top with black boots and a red reversible poncho. This fashion blogger has the right flavor for this weeks street style feature. The contrast with this ensemble is just perfect. We love this style and thought you’d love it too.

Styling a red plaid poncho Street Style

7 Quick Tips on Layering your Clothes with Style 

[layering clothes]1. Tips for Layering Clothes: Your base pieces need to look good prior to layering anything on top of them. This is the 1st tip. If somehow the weather changes during the day and it warms up You'll want to make sure everything underneathe looks great before you begin stripping the layers down. 

2. Tips for Layering Clothers: Choose light weight Layering Pieces This doesn't mean sacrificing warmth if you live in cold climate. It simply means take advantager of layering clothes that don’t have to be bulky in order to keep you warm. Choose cotton blends, technical blends, cashmere and wool pieces. A jacket can even be warm without being bulky.

3. Tips for Layering Clothes: Wear thermals for undergarments. Although they were scratchy when I was younger they kept me from frost bite. Today however, you’ll find that fabrics are super thin and less undcomfortable plus they won’t add bulk but works to keep you warm.

4. Tips for Layering Clothes: Keep Jackets, Coats, and thick knits as your final layer 

Make sure only one piece of your outfit is thick. This will keep your outfits balanced. Wear your thickers more bulky pieces as the final outer layer. Add leggings or skinny jeans to make the knits even more 

5. Tips for Layering Clothes: Swap out leggings for ponte pants. For outfits with a tunic-style dress or top, opt for a thicker ponte pant. They’re still essentially the shape of leggings but warmer. If it’s extremely cold out, choose heat retaining tights or leggings  under your ponte pants.

6. Tips for Layering Clothes: Focus on covering and keep your extremities warm. My hands and feet are constantly cold during the entire winter. Keep your feet covered in wool and/or heat retaining socks and boots to help; Obviously keeping gloves and will aid in warmth for hands. Hats, beanies and scarves all work to keep you warm during the winter months All of these layers can make great fashion statements so embrace them. 

7. Tips for Layering Clothes: Embrace the cape or wrap. The rise of the poncho, cape, wrap or shrug in all manner of fabrications has been an absolute win for those of us who aspire to “couch chic”. Underneath these you wear all levels of layers you might need for warmth. Wearing a cape, wrap and/or poncho will add style and warmth.

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