11 Cute Braided Cornrow Hairstyles for Natural Hair

Braided updo hairstyle with color string

Braided hairstyles have been a part of the African community since the beginning. Many braided hairstyles are traditional cultural styles that keep their often kinky hair from tangling. African braid their hair out of necessity and for cultural, traditional reasons.

As we wind down the Year it’s time to get our holiday hairstyles together. These braided hairstyles are gorgeous can be achieved in less that 4 hours and will last you for a few weeks to a month or so.

In the African community Braided hairstyles will always be a go to hairstyle for protective styling, for natural hair maintenance, and for celebration of culture in the African community. Natural braided hairstyles offer protection from heat damage, over manipulation,  environmental damage, and also keeps Afro textured hair safe from tangles usually forming shortly after hair is released from styles. Natural braided hairstyles can be extremely versatile, trendy and stylish. These braided hairstyles are trendy and can give you a great base for good braided natural hairstyles.

Comment below which style do you love

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