The Best Hair Color Trends: Rainbow Colored Hair + Hair Color Transformation

Purple Vibrant colorful hair dye

The beauty world ALWAYS has something wild and Trending this beauty life hair color phenomenon is hanging in by its boot straps. Long after popular artists such as Rihanna, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga etc dropped their bold beautiful color the LONG LASTING trend is still very much alive.

Lately bright Colorful Rainbow Colored Hair has been catching the eyes of many. Vibrant color can be seen through a beauty bloggers Instagram account that it’s almost a norm. The colorful rainbow trend has grown as the color selections are becoming very intricate and sophisticated, for hair color that is.

To achieve the rainbow hair color vibe you’ll need to take a few steps and precautions to ensure your color ends up flawless. This technique may require bleaching the hair. To get beautifully colored rainbow hair color you’ll need to first lighten the hair if you have dark hair.

Many gurus prefer to use a wig so as not to damage their natural hair with bleaching, however you can do this on your own mane.

You just lighten the hair, then after choosing your desired color selection for your vibrant rainbow hair color you’ll want to begin applying color to sections of the hair being precise to avoid hair color bleeding across strands.

Once’s you’ve carefully applied the color you’ll sit for 15-30 minutes depending on your desired depth or vibrance of color.

Once you rinse blow dry and style you’ll achieve beautiful rainbow colored hair similar to that of either of these gorgeous Vibrant Rainbow Hair Color styles.


Here are some Amazing Hair Color Transformations on Natural Hair

Which Rainbow Hair Color Style would you try comment below?

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