Review: The Ethiopian Culture of Ancient Egypt

If you leave it to others to tell yourself history they will undoubtably tell it wrong.

With Legesse Allyn’s Book series The Ethiopian Culture of Ancient Egypt we are able to grasp and confirm a bit of our own history and culture I've always had a long-standing belief that books and even Space and time can't erase our innate knowledge of how and why we do things. With this series The Ethiopian Cultural of Ancient Egypt I've learned that's exactly right.

This book series goes into details about the Influence of Ethiopian culture on Ancient Egyptian Culture. The significance of this series is as simple as a group of people needing to know why they do certain things, and the meaning of certain practices that are passed down through the ages. Legesse Allyn documents the basic daily lives of the ancestors and shares his findings an easy to understand and follow break down. The series also shares aspects of the Hieroglyphic and Linguistic of Egypt which even explains the meanings of the words used.

After sitting down for only a few minutes my kids were particularly interested in learning how to speak the language, Which is easy to begin with the series.

Being African-American means my history has been a stripped from me yet I've somehow continued on traditions without even knowing it. From food and hairstyles to the way we deal in our merchant and professional life traditions are all around us. We have been unknowingly passing down and carrying on ancient tradition and culture.

All 3 of my children recognized their personal liking of the information shared in the book series as well as the similarities to things we do today. They’d even decided to share what they’d learned with their friends in the neighborhood.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Ethiopian Influence on the traditions and Culture of Ancient Egypt I’d highly recommend this book series. Being a homeschooling mom means Im always looking for ways to share African Centered knowledge with my children and this series really gives me a strong foundation to base the teachings upon. You can get his series on amazon by simply clicking the link or searching “The Ethiopian Culture of Ancient Egypt” as well as the author Legesse Allyn.

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