Going Green: EarthSquad DROPS app Recycling

The earth is confronting a few genuine difficulties – litter, contamination and environmental change. This all stems from the manner in which we expend. We trust that our ultimate solution comes from the brilliant utilization of materials around us. That implies expanding our use and recycling with the goal that nothing is squandered, and guaranteeing nothing is genuinely discarded.

As defined by EPA Recycling is the process of collecting and processing materials that would otherwise be thrown away as trash and turning them into new products. Recycling can benefit your community and the environment.

In any case, belief is nothing without taking action. We keep the re-use wheels in movement and revolutionize answers for tomorrow – opening new doors for a more advancement in a recyclable future. That’s where the DROPS app comes into play for the innovation of your recycling efforts.

The recycling efforts. In addition to “rewarding you with prizes for recycling, the DROPS-app sums up major points for you and every member of the EarthSquad DROPS app keeps stats and records of your EarthSquad!”

You can track your progress and that of the EarthSquad as a whole. Take a look at the real numbers:
What have you recycled during the day/month/year & What natural resources were saved as a result of your thoughtfulness.
The more you recycle you’ll earn badges according to your frequency based on your recyclables. As the badge levels increase you will notice an increasing difficulty to gain additional badges. You can earn: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond badges. For each earned badge enjoy the reward re-clicking your badge when you first received the popup.

By taking advantage of the EarthSquad DROPS app you will aid in the world wide effort to diminish the needs and use for landfills and increase the probability of living a green life for the future. This app can also be used with children in classrooms and child centered programs to improve the likely hood of increased reuse of recyclable materials. Community support of recycling generally results in sustainable efforts. Using the DROPS app will make this easier and more exciting to do individual, as a family and as a community.


Take up the challenge and make your life less trash filled more green. Sign in to start using the best recycling app the EarthSquad DROPS app Today!

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