Review: Bzen Smell Proof Bag for Herbs & Spices 20 Reusable bags

If you’ve ever been concerned about smells getting out of a bag used to store your herbs, spices, tobacco or other valuables worry no more. I got the chance to try out this BZEN smell proof bag from a popular amazon seller. I thought it might be cool because my husband could store his cigars. He smokes them and just places them in random locations. I usually can smell them where EVER he puts them, so I’m glad to have found a solution to my issue with this bag.

Now according to the manufacturer this bag is so strong not even a dog can smell through it. It comes in 2 sizes (7×6 or 12×9) I got the larger size. The larger package also came with 20 reusable herb, spice zip bags. For me this is PERFECT Because I LOVE to mix my own teas and tinctures. This will make it easy for me to prepare my seasonings and herbal mixtures for seasons change. Especially for Cold/Flu season.

The Double Velcro is VERY strong and the bag is made to be durable, with mesh inside with activated carbon and tough fabric on the outside.

I will say from my personal use this bag can certainly hold in a smell. I tested the bag with perfume. I sprayed about 5-10 sprays of my Paris Hilton fragrance and closed the bag. After properly closing I sniffed the bag on and off for about 2 minutes. I wasn’t able to test it with a dog, I’m a cat owner, But when I sealed the bag properly I couldn’t smell a thing!
This product is guaranteed to keep its contents hidden and undetectable. No even a dog can smell through it.

If you want to pick this up you should grab this Bzen bag on amazon. Its reasonably priced at $17.95 for the large bag with 20 reusable zip baggies free 2 day shipping on prime.

To be honest you really cant beat that. Great design sleek for any body you can take it anywhere and keep your herbs, spices, foods, tobacco etc from smelling up your home or car.

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