SmoresUp APP: Get your kids to do their chores without a fight 💪🏾

SmoresUp app helps you whip the family and their varying schedules in order. This app will aid you by getting your daily life and schedule organized, helping to improve time management and encouraging your little ones to be more responsible with their chores. Yes Chores.

I don’t know about you but in my house getting kids to do chores is a task on its own.What I find amazing about this app is when you set up a chore, you issue a certain amount of Smore points with which you child will be rewarded with once the task has been completed. Once your child has reach a certain goal you reward them and start over.

You can set a reward system to incentive them such as: When they reach 500 points for the Day/Week I will take you for Ice Cream or out to a movie.

This app offers a community of Mom, Dads etc just like you who are using the app, sharing tips and giving advice on how to maximize the potential of the app. It also helps you prepare your child for social media in a place where you are able to set the guidelines. You can teach your child how to use social networks in a functional productive manner. With this app you’re pretty much setting up your own social network with you family.

The SmoreUp app offers you a way to gently remind your children of their responsibilities as member of the family unit. This also provides a way to track personal progress between your children. Just as easily as points can be given they can be taken away. Use the app to help you guide your child without the additional stress of a chase each day. You can also add homework reminders to nudge your child in the right direction. This will help them build up the self discipline needed to complete these tasks on their own each day. You can just set it and forget it.

This app is so easy and simple to use you can share it with family and friends let everybody join the fun. Download the SmoreUp app today on the apple store.

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