7 Lifestyle Tips for Better Skin

7 Lifestlye hacks for better skin

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All our confidence lies in how we look in front of the eyes of the world. A slight difference in our appearance makes us so conscious and we do all we can to make sure it goes away. One of most important things that makes up a major part of our appearance is our skin. If you have good skin, you can literally conquer the world, you feel beautiful and empowered. That’s the real power of confidence that healthy skin brings with itself. Healthy skin doesn’t just portray a healthy body but an even more beautiful you.
The problem with having a flawless skin is our lifestyles and our environment. In this world of pollution, where even a minute in the sun can cause major damage, how do you keep your skin healthy? We have the solutions to this. Simple lifestyle changes can have a huge difference on your skin and make you look flawless.

1. No stressing

7 Lifestlye hacks for better skin

Stress is the biggest reason behind wrinkles and older looking skin. Problems are bound to happen in life so take them on with ease and don’t let it all affect your skin. When you are stressed certain chemicals are released which causes inflammation in the skin which obviously isn’t good. There are a ton of problems stress can actually lead to like, bags under the yes, flaky skin, fine lines, acne is the biggest of all. Any skin doctor you ask, he/she will tell you not take stress as the first step to having beautiful skin. If you want, you can go for exercising or meditation as well to enhance the experience even more.

2. Sleep tight

7 Lifestlye hacks for better skin

Sleep is important for your body more than you can think. Not having a proper sleep cycle affects many processes in the body. It’s the repair time for your body and beauty sleep is called so for a reason. Having a certain sleeping time where you sleep at a fixed time and wake up at a fixed time. At least 8 hours of sleep is required so that you skin can be repaired and all the damage that has happened through the day can be taken care of. For some people it gets so bad that it leads to acne and psoriasis. The translucency and glow that makes the skin flawless is what you will achieve with a better sleep pattern.
Peter Thomas Roth Labs, LLC
7 Lifestlye hacks for better skin

3. Skin care routine

Have your own skin care regime where you use a certain type of products which suit you the most. All the cleansing, moisturizing, exfoliation should be a part of this regime. Don’t change this routine by seeing a new product in the market, even if the product is simple, it suits your skin then its good. Moreover, your skin doesn’t like change at all. Keep using the same stuff regularly so that your skin gets used to them and gets on with the repair work.

4. Go natural

7 Lifestlye hacks for better skin
Go for natural products as much as possible rather than chemical enhanced once. Your skin will love the natural refreshment and you will definitely see a glow on your face especially because natural ingredients bring out your real skin tone. Try to use as many home made products. You can find recipes that have a lot of natural ingredients like fruits etc. Best part is you can easily make any of these face packs or home made recipes very easily. Applying them regularly or making them a part of your skin care routine will entirely change the game for you. Try to use as less make up as possible because the more your skin gets to breathe, the more your pores will open up. Don’t forget things like sunscreen though.

5. Eat natural

7 Lifestlye hacks for better skin

Cleansing up your skin won’t come from using just good products. It’s way more than that. You have to cleanse it all up from the inside to see the effects on the outside. Eat more fruits and green vegetables and ingredients that are good for the skin. Go on a detox diet as well because it will remove all the damage from the roots and it will be like rejuvenating your skin. Cut back on the sugar and junk foods as well because they are the main reason for acne. People with sensitive digestive systems will definitely face this problem. Different kinds of foods can help with different problems of skin, like strawberries help in removing discoloration. Remember, whatever you eat, shows up on the face.

sun screen for better skin

6. Cover up

No one stays inside the house whole day, at some point we go out and some of us have to stay out all day. The amount of pollution in the air is what we have to deal with and the sun on our head isn’t a big relief. Living in a country like India, you just can’t forget sunscreen. Minimum 2-3 times application of sunscreen is mandatory if you travel a lot. Sun can damage your skin within minutes of your going out. Pollution protection creams are also available at stores like myntra where you can also use myntra coupons and get discounts on branded skin care products that can help even more. Moreover, always have something with you to cover up your face just in case you land yourself up on the road.

Peter Thomas Roth Labs, LLC

7. Load up on water

The main reason your skin has all the problems is that it doesn’t get enough moisture or isn’t hydrated. Dehydration is the worst thing you can do to your skin or your body. Its no surprise that our body kind of dysfunctions when it lacks water since its 70% water.

7 Lifestlye hacks for better skin

At least 8 glasses of water are required per day. Not giving your body that much will lead to dry skin and flaky skin which lacks moisture. What anything else can’t do, water will do it to your skin. The missing glow on your face is the water you aren’t drinking. If you need to give yourself a reminder about it, so be it but never forget to have enough water.
If you follow these simple steps and make sure you change these things in your lifestyle then no one can stop you from having a healthy glowing skin. You will feel like a goddess once you start implementing these. All it requires is a little attention and effort and you will have the healthy skin that you have always desired.

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