Money Monday’s: Be willing to Invest in your future

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I actually have to say this.. Why Because sometimes people don't see the value in paying to gain. My personal perspective holds the theory that if there's something that I need and something that will help me get ahead, that is affordable for me .. I'm going to invest my time and money to gain that knowledge/experience etc.

I find that there are a lot of people who simply don't see the value in having to pay for knowledge such as training or information. To me its just like if you decide to pay to go to College. You may spend $15,000 plus to get that knowledge, certificate and information which you feel will help you gain in life. The concept is exactly the same when it comes to personal development and learning from our peers people we know etc. If you're looking to gain some knowledge or information from someone who has taken the time and the money to get this info, I see no problem in paying the fee if they so decided to charge it. Of course within reason, But you should of course at least understand that if you're asking someone to help you, you should have already had the mindset of being willing to pay and/or trade for that assistance.

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