5 Ways I Make Money Online from Home

How to Earn extra money online today

It recently occurred to me that I have a pretty decent range of ways that I make money online. I haven’t hit big YET but I know that the skills I’ve gained have afforded me the opportunity to live a bit of a freer life (is that even a word😏). Anyhow I have created somewhat of a nice portfolio of income streams and I thought I’d share them with you because … Why the hell not 🤷🏾‍♀️

So I’ve been into making money online for a while, but I would leave and come back and leave again. There was a time when I was really serious and I saw an increase INSTANTLY, that was when I sold Remy Hair Extensions.
I didn’t know enough about certain business tactics and things went awry.

Now I’m serious again. I will see this all the way through until I’m a top internet earner!

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Right now I am making money online in a few different ways. Here’s how it all goes down. I make money in the following ways, but these ways are not the limits they are just the ways I make regular income on the Internet.

1. Affiliate marketing-

I market affiliate products on my blog, my YouTube channel, on social media etc. I prefer to market products/services within my niche so that I’m only offering products that will be helpful to my audience. It can become a bit weird to offer products in a whole other niche to an audience that’s used to seeing a particular set of products from you. Not everything I share on my site are connected to affiliate products or links but I don’t see harm in sharing great products that’s would benefit the people who love my content.

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2. Freelance Services-

Fiverr, Freelancer etc. I love to help people I think that’s one of the reasons why I decided to go back into offering and actual service again. I offer my content creation services on Fiverr, Freelancer, Izea etc. and here on my site as well.
My content creation services help small businesses get quality content to improve or maintain their business’s online presence. To find out how to work with me take a look at my portfolio.

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3. YouTube Revenue-

My beauty videos earn me revenue. For the content I create on my beauty blog I generally create corresponding content on my YouTube channel. I generally like to create blog posts for my videos but not necessarily do I create beauty videos for my blog posts. Anyhow my YouTube channel gives me another stream of income from ad-share. Currently it’s not grand but it does pay a bill or 2 when it comes in. Subscribe to my Channel for more great beauty content.

4. Independent Referral Sales –

I make money through a company that pays me commissions to refer paying customers who buy monthly memberships of their services. This position pays out $80 per Sale as of July 18. However if you’re reading this after that date the commissions will probably be $25-$35 per Sale as they recently made a change to the compensation plan. I market an amazing service online and get paid whenever someone I refer purchases a membership. Follow the link to find out more about this opportunity or to  Join My Team


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– $500 rental coverage;
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5. Product Sales- Ebay, Shopify

I have a Shopify store where I sell my Music and other merchant to fuel my journey to the Music.

I also sell beauty and fashion products on eBay. Not very specific just a few products. I’m not selling a grand amount of products or specializing so again this is a passive kinda a little here a little there income stream. I’m heavily considering changing my approach and offering 1-2 products that I sell exclusively at high volume. Still not sure 🤔. Money from eBay is always a great surprise and it’s reliable if you ask me. It’s not difficult and you can sell virtually anything on eBay!

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Well for now my online income is a little extra cash I make to pay the bills, but as I mentioned earlier I am moving in the direction of getting more serious about the revenue I earn online. For now I will just say that I’m working towards increasing my earnings. I will keep you updated on my approach, discoveries, and increase.

Money Monday’s will now have its own home… I’ve created another domain for marketing, money, and business growth tips I’ve been sharing with you all. Go to PrettyHustleGang.com to sign up for my email list and be notified when the site is fully launched.

Until next time
Stay Healthy Happy and Always Loving

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  1. That’s awesome! I’m also trying to monetize my online presence through affiliate marketing and product sales , it hasn’t been easy for an upcoming blogger but I’m working on giving my brand more value and reputation so it’ll get easier.

    1. Yes absolutely it may take a little time and elbow… or fingertip grease 😏 but it’s well worth it! I love being about to make a living doing what makes me happy. I’m sure you will be able to do the same😉🙂

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