Easy Braided Natural hair Updo Style for Girls

Cute braided updo hairstyle for girls. Natural hairstyles

Hey guys! A few weeks ago I created a video tutorial about this cute hairstyle for girls. It occurred to me that I hadn't created a blog post tutorial, so here we are today! Often times I find myself surfing the internet for inspiration, so I know what its like to need a hairstyle for yourself or your little ones. I came up with this hairstyle because I needed something that would be easy to do yet looks cute for my uncle's wedding.

To create this hairstyle you will need your basic styling tools

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Here are the tools I used:

Comb: The comb set I use is the 10 piece comb set from Walmart for $4.93

Edge Control: I used Let's Jam as edge control/gel

Hair Oils: I used Hollywood beauty Jojoba oil

Crochet Needle

1 pack of Ghana Twist Crochet  hair

Firstline sleek comb set 10 piece setjamjojoba oil

Steps to create this Style

Step 1:

Use water or your favorite detangling spray to detangle the hair. After detangling the hair create the first part from forehead to crown. Braid into a small cornrow going back to the crown of the head.

Step 2:

Braid the hair up into a ponytail. When the braids are done take your crochet needle and the Ghana Twist hair, begin to crochet the hair around the base of the ponytail.

Step 3:

Use a hair tie to tie the hair into a ponytail. Finish the style off with gold bead embellishments. Enjoy!!!

This natural hairstyle is perfect for girls. Its so easy and cute and literally saved the day. It was perfect for my uncles wedding and I think you should try this easy natural hairstyle on yourself or your little one!

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