40 Best Stiletto Nail Designs

Colorful Marble Stiletto nail design

Last week we focused on the best Coffin Shaped nail designs. This week I wanted to follow up with the 40 Best Stiletto nail designs. All of which are perfect for the current and upcoming season. The nails I chose for this week are extremely vibrant and shaped to perfection..

I actually excluded an acrylic set that was gorgeously designed but shaped kinda ugly. It’s important to note that my taste in nails are literally the BEST OF THE BEST aka Celebrity type nail designs. I have been into nails since a young teen and I truly have very particular requirements about what I choose! That’s not to say that I make judgement about others’ preference in nail style…. Unless they look like this and then all nail courtesies are OUT THE DOOR


This post will feature designs with vibrant colors and Swarovski crystals. What I love about this weeks choices are the colors. If you’ve every been around me or heard me speak about anything you know I LOVE COLOR vibrancy happy things!!! This weeks Stiletto pointy tip nail selections really speak to my joy of all things bright and colorful.

Another thing I’d like to point out is 98% of the designs I chose today can be easily styled to shorter nails as well. Although I wear my nails longer I recognize not everyone does. πŸ€” I think next week I’m going to focus on short nail designs for my short and sweet ladies πŸ˜‰

If you know of any BOMB nail techs send them my way!! Let me know down below which set you’re lovin

Until next time my loves

Stay Healthy Happy and Always Loving


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