Influencer Marketing: Advertising your Business in the Digital Age

Influencer marketing in the digital age

Marketing your business in the digital age is certainly a necessary evil. When it comes to marketing online you have several options. You can market through: Social media ads, Search Engine ads, Display Ads, Influencer Marketing and more.

Influencer marketing is a newer form of marketing where you hire or enlist a person who has a social following also know as an Influencer and you pay them to market your product. You can hire them for a one time Instagram post, a YouTube Video, blog posts, Facebook shares etc.

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Forbes says that in today’s market over 75% of businesses have used social media guru’s to market their business. This number will only grow as Social Influencers are a quick way to build your business. They have already established their mark on followers, they have already know how and what their subscribers would love to see and their honest reviews will give your potential customers that your product is the best value.


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It’s important to note that while it is tempting to go with the largest numbers, you should be strategic when selecting your influencers. In fact micro influencers often have a higher conversion rate than larger social stars due to their intimate connection with their audience. In any case Social media and social influencers are certainly the way to go when marketing your business. You should consider this for your next campaign.


What do you think about social marketing? Have you use SM Influencers for your brand let me know in the comments.

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