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Building your platform is directly related to how you can monetize your blog, site, or social platform.


Content is king. Creating content is the 1 thing you must continue to do in order to grow your audience or platform. The more helpful the content is that you create the more likely people are to think of you as an authority on the topic therefore making you the go to on the issue. Create content that helps solve a problem. Maybe you’re Teaching a how to, or answering a question.


Consistency is Key!! They say it and we think its just a saying because it sounds good. As I look at my peers and my own businesses’ growth I see the truth in these words. Creating relevant content consistently will help you build your business and/or platform. When people know where to go and when to go there to get information they will show up more often.


Collaboration has taken people with 1K subscribers to 100k subscribers at much faster rate than without. Working with others to help grow your platform is ALMOST necessary!! Of course you can build a platform without collaboration, BUT Collaboration is FAR MORE EFFECTIVE AND COST FRIENDLY. When you’re starting out with a new venture Cost effective is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. When you collaborate with others to build your business you grow your following through exposure to another audience and you build rapport by getting the stamp of approval from someone people already know and trust. Collaboration is a Great Way to build Strong and Fast!!

Promote & Market

No one’s going to find you or your platform without you making them aware. The growth in your platform is going to depend on if and/or how you Market and Promote. Promoting yourself is NECESSARY!!! You cant build your platform without it! Just think you post 1 post and BOOM nobody sees it! It takes more than just 1 share for you to grow. Think of promo as a part of your daily job!! To grow your platform you have to constantly share & re-share your content don’t forget to use the best features for which ever platform you’re using. For example Hashtags work Best On IG and for Trending Topics on Twitter. Using your social platforms are certainly going to help you build fast so Social is NECESSARY.

When you take these facts into consideration you will begin to see how a platform and/or business can grow so quickly. Remember provide valuable, relevant content, on a Consistent basis. Form partnerships and Collaborate with others. Finally ALWAYS be sure to Market and Promote your platform and/or business.

Watch My Video on the topic and I’ll see you again next Monday for Money Monday’s!

Stay Healthy Happy and Always Loving

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