How I’d Style Saint Laurent Spring 18 Ready To Wear Collection


When I saw this top my first reaction was Ookayy … It wasn't until I saw the Laced Pant in Black Lace and Leather worn by Marte Mei van Haaster when I knew the design was a Real Winner. My initial reaction totally morphed into an Ahaa moment when I saw the PERFECT pant to make this a Statement. It's the only way!!!

This top SCREAMS drama, Bitch iM HEYA, Red Carpet Hollywood, but the leather Who knows Why shorts they paired it with, on the runway was just simply a #NoJusticeNoPeace type of pairing. I would totally pair this Drama Filled almost medieval styled top worn by Margot Baget with the Laced Pant in Black Lace and Leather. It's just a winning set!

Now I KNOW you caught these RIPPING the Runway… And if you didn't let me be the 1st to introduce you to them. YSL spared no hurt feeling when they TORE up the Runway with these GORGEOUS YETI 110 Boots with Ostritch Feathers in White/Black/Blue Velvet. Like GAWD can we just take a moment PLEASE!!!

Black and White Are on Pre-Order status for $10k. #DropsMic

I loved these Multicolor Floral and Gold Lame shorts. Though I love the top pictured, I would have paired it with the Ruffled blouse in beige Silk Georgette with gold polka dots. The beige blouse would have made this look irresistible! I know they probably wanted the shorts to be the focal point so we'll let it pass. As you can see the Blouse worn by Maria Miguel (top left) was also sadly paired with pieces I'd throw away if I had to wear them together. They Just Don't GO!!!

This Piece right Here, I haven't been able to find it so I can't give you all the deets, but its very similar to the Playsuit in Multicolor Floral and Gold Lame So lets just call it the Playsuit in Blue Floral and Gold Lame worn by Aube Jolicoeur. This was my 1st pick from the collection. The first item to grab me encouraging me to add Saint Laurent to the Spring 2018 Collections' List of Designers. Simply put this playsuit is BOMB.COM. Paired perfectly with the YETI 110 Boots with Ostritch Feathers in Black Velvet, this playsuit just wraps up the whole Collection for me!

Certainly a fav in Fashion, YSL captured me with these stunning designs on the Runway. YSL Spring 2018 Ready To Wear Collection though mostly dark had splashes of gorgeous hues and flashy design with various textures. More than enough to get your Fashion Fix. You can check out the full collection on Vogue.

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