Money Monday’s: Make Extra Money with Your Blog Today!!!

How to Earn extra money online today

Hi Guys! Welcome to another Money Monday!!!

Do You want to make money with your blog, but don’t know how. Are you struggling to find a way to monetize your blog? Would like like to know a great easy no brainer way to increase your earning, make more money and have financial freedom?

Well of course you do. Today I’m going to share how I’ve been using my blog to make more money and grow my business.

To earn money on my blog I have created a service. The service I provide is related to my blog and tailored to my industry. Being that I am a Beauty/Fashion/Lifestyle blogger I offer my services and expertise in this industry. I have been a beauty enthusiast for many years. During high school I took an apprenticeship and cosmetology. That was the first actual trade I’d acquired. Although I never expounded upon the industry in the traditional manner I continued to learn, explore and practice in the field. Learning techniques, styles, and keeping up with trends on Hair, Nails, Makeup and Fashion. I always felt beauty and fashion went hand in hand with my #1 Passion…. Music!

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With this knowledge and experience under my belt I’ve been able to create a source of consistent income for myself. Through this blog, YouTube, and Product sales I don’t have to ever worry about not having a job. I’m creating my own lane that I’m able to reinvent as needed.

You can do the same thing with your blog and/or industry. You can take your time like I did or you can jump in head first and give it all you’ve got making an immediate turn around.

First thing I did was establish myself as an authority in my industry. I did this by creating relevant content in the industry. Continuing to create relevant content in your industry on a consistent basis is key!

While doing this it’s important to build backlink and SEO to and from your site. Backlinks and proper SEO helps Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines find your site easily. The more RELEVANT content your blog or site has the more likely the search engines will be to rank your site in high ranking positions.

When you have build a solid foundation of consistent visitors or views no matter how large or small. Offer your services to either create blog posts on your blog and industry for companies, or to post their Guest post on your blog.

If you have a Social following you should also incorporate services for other platforms as well.

I offer my services on Fiverr as well as independently. Using already established sites such as Upwork, Guru, Fiverr etc will help you establish yourself as a business offering a service and will help you build your platform until you’re ready to go solo.

Here are a few ways you can scale your blog or site to money in the bank:

  • Write Blog Post
  • Sponsored Guest Posts
  • Post Display/Banner Ads
  • Do Product reviews
  • first impressions and more

Making money from your blog doesn’t have to be blueprints for Rocket Launching. You need the idea, the plan and the execution to start making money from your blog or site. You can start today for free on Fiverr. I use fiverr to help me easily find new customers. This helps me build my portfolio so that I have something to show when I go solo.

That’s All for Money Monday’s. Go out be great and start making money from your blog today!

Fiverr will help you find freelancers or become a freelancer

Until Next Time Stay Healthy Happy and Always Loving

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