Money Monday’s: 3 Ways to Increase Revenue in Any Business

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There are 3 main ways to increase revenue. . . Now this is going to be a boat load so grab your pen and paper…. SIKE!! No pen and Pad necessary because these 3 Ways are so simple you’re gonna wanna know why I wasted my time… Well of course I’m not wasting my time with this information but the simplicity may take us all back to 3rd grade, just for a second.

Let’s Discuss 3 Ways to Increase Revenue … It’s quite simple

Get More Customers>> Get Customers to Buy More>> Get Customers To Buy More Often

I’ve been a small business owner for several years now. I must say that you’d be surprised how many people need to hear this on a daily. The keys to increasing your revenue aren’t some long drawn out rocket science blue prints! They’re rudimentary YET necessary tidbits of information that every business owner needs to know.

Customer acquisition

Get More Customer

We all know the first step to getting more money in business, is getting customers through the door or on your site to buy products/services etc. It’s a no brainer. You have to create awareness around your brand and increase awareness through marketing. When people know about your brand they’re more likely to come through the door. Now that we’ve got the customer through the door we have to engage them to get them interested enough to buy into what we’re selling. Finally we close the deal, earn a new customer and get the sale. That’s it right! …

Get Customer To Buy More

Now that the hard part is over, Creating that awareness and appeal, enough to make the customer buy our product/service we’re done right!?!?!… No Certainly not because we should by now know the importance of repeat customers. Repeat customers fuel our businesses and keep us afloat while we plant our anchor in the Sea of Business World to create a sustainable organization. We need our customers to come back. In doing so they allow us to supply their need for a fee, Maybe they’ll rave about our services to another and thus we have our next client to supply until we build more and more to the point where we need help. Then we’re off. . . Right?!?!?

Well no actually. Because although we have a customer or 2, or 3. Our businesses should always be growing, meaning clientele should increase, requiring more employees to fuel the business. We don’t however stop there.


Get Customers to Buy More Often

Just stopping at Get Customers or getting the customer to buy more means you’ve left a customer unfulfilled and money on the table. One of the important steps to sustaining a profitable business means you should continue to cut costs and average spend to get a customer. You do this by not only getting your customer to buy more, but also by getting your customer to buy more often. Increased purchases from repeat customers ensures your income will spread longer than just 1 and done. This solidifies your growth potential as your organization gains its hold on the market.

Keeping these 3 Ways to Increase Revenue in mind will ensure that you grow your business. Thus increasing your revenue and will encourage you to push yourself, your team, and your business to stay innovative and competitive in your market. These 3 Ways are exactly how you’ll always be increasing revenue, decreasing expenses and they will help you keep your business growing.

Customer retention

Well that’s it for Money Monday I hope you see these tips, learn the concepts, and implement them into your business to increase your growth today.

Until Next Time Stay Healthy Happy and Always Loving

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Get a target red card to save 5% everyday

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