Plus Size Can’t Wear Floral Print… Can They + Use Cut and Design to Transform Your Look

Traditional High fashion designers have shared their fashion tips and advice with the fashion world for ages. The general consensus … Designers across the world have aimed to diminish certain designs to size 0 and below. Criticizing any woman sizes 6 and up who desires to Rock the latest fashions! Especially attempting to diminish the confidence of Plus Size women who dare to challenge the barriers set in place by their esteemed fashion advice. By discouraging the exploration in print design and other trendy fashions, designers prove their still in the dark ages in regards to what the average women wants.

It would behoove these Fashion Experts to join the 21st century and stop offering flawed advice on what curvy women should and should not wear. Fact is curvy women look good in anything to include floral prints. Weather a garment looks good is not in the type of print you wear, rather its more so in the cut and design of the garment.


On the left: Cold Should dress makes theses models look boxy and unshapely
On the right: This cold shoulder dress is designed to flow with the models curves while being loose enough to not capture areas of insecurity.



While the 2 designs on the left are very close you will notice how the model on the right has a slightly higher seam that sits in the waist line accentuating curves as opposed to the “ALMOST Right” seam lines on the dresses on the right. Just a little higher for them and a little tighter(while still maintaining stretch) and these floral print dresses would be gorgeous on any Plus Size Diva!

As you can see highlighting your strengths and minimizing areas of insecurity really prove to be exactly what designers need to implement into their designs as opposed to totally discriminating on the average woman because she’s plus size. You can see that Plus Size Women look GREAT in Floral print. Its all about the design and Cut NOT the Print.

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