When Sugar Daddies Need Love Too🤨😉

Good looking Older men Sugar Daddy

Do you guys remember a few months back when #MrStealYoGrandmama Came out. Well … He’s back… BUT this time he’s got Friends! I saw him on FB, AND GIRRLLL it got me thinking Sugar Daddy’s Matter TOO dammit!!!

Gorgeous older men Sugar Daddies Matter too

Before you know it me and my BFF are surfing the internet looking at fine grand Daddies. All of a sudden we were hit with sites that set young damsels in distress up with generous wealthy gentlemen with style and open wallets. It got me to thinking about the current state of the dating world. Although Sugar Daddies are nothing new #ElizabethTaylor For example .. though she married most of her Sugar Daddies LET’S JUST BE CLEAR she was a Sugar baby before it had a name #DontShootTheMessenger.

Elizabeth taylor was a sugar baby long before it became a name

It makes you wonder how pop culture has changed the state of relationships so much so that women are shunned for wanting financial security with their companion; vice versa men are emasculated for being generous with a woman he enjoys spending his time with. It all causes us to walk around not wanting to be LABELED so we make bad relationship decisions and end up in financial peril. IDK I’m just thinking out loud here. Anywho, SeekingSugarDaddies.com has lots of open wallets waiting for a lovely young lady to spend some extra money be exposed to new experiences and live yo best life!!!

These gentlemen certainly have been blessed with style, swag and time has treated them well. Here’s a little eye candy for your troubles.


Stay Healthy Happy and Always Loving

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