Money Monday: Earn Extra Income w/ Affiliate Marketing

How to Earn extra money online today

Affiliate Marketing is a 4 part performance based system of marketing in which a business rewards an affiliate(s) for each customer or visitor that comes to their site and purchases a product. Affiliate marketing is a great way to market your business or for affiliates to make additional income.

The way affiliate marketing works is you sign up as an affiliate for a specific business or for an affiliate marketing organization that markets for various different businesses. When you sign up for affiliate marketing the business will give you a link and you share this link with your audience. When your audience begins to click on your personalized link you will receive a percentage of any purchases made as a result of your referral. The percentages vary based on the publisher (or company).

There are several opportunities and businesses that you can sign up for as an affiliate. Many of which are well know that people buy from daily. I am currently marketing with Target Rakuten Marketing and CJ publishing, Clickbank Target of course obviously has an affiliate program for itself and the other three companies offer affiliate programs for various different companies businesses, organizations, and products.

Each of these programs have their own benefits and opportunities that will help you diversify the ads presented to your audience. The best way to get started is to …. JUST DO IT!!!


You can start marketing with affiliate programs immediately if you have a site and/or platform to share links.

These 4 Affiliate Marketing Outlets are all well known, with Amazing options and businesses to share to grow your income.

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