This Week’s Hottest IG Nail Designs

Coffin nails designs

Nails what can I say if they’re bomb I LOVE EM!!!!

Just as I posted my last nail post My Fav IG Nail Tech I came across more beautifully designed nails! From new to me nail techs. Chile when I tell you I have been looking for flights to go get my nails done I AM Not playin. While there are some great nail tech’s where I live … I simply haven’t come across anyone with DESIGN under their belt. I mean real designs not that punk ass 1-2 rhinestones and done! Real nail design is what I absolutely LOVE I’ve been this way since middle school.

I came across some lovely designs so I decided to make a weekly of it and share my favorite nail designs of the week.

Every week on Friday we’re gonna lay out the best nails of the week. Without further adou … Lets Do it!


This weeks nails were brought to you by

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Well guys thats all for this Nail Junkie Session. Until next time

Stay Healthy Happy and Always Loving

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