20 Times your Natural Hair SLAYYED in Color + 5 Ways To keep Your Color Treated Hair Healthy & Growing

Green dread locs

I just wanted to adorn this post with beautiful Natural Hair in Living Color!!!

lil yachty


When I saw these natural hair diva's with their color I immediately fell in love! The brilliant and vibrant hue of each of these Natural hair divas with Color is simply Amazing! I wanted to share the Slay with you so you didn't miss out on the beauty. Plus immediately following these beautiful Colorful Natural hair Beauties I have also compiled a list of 5 Ways to Keep Your Color and/or Chemically Treated Hair Healthy and Growing; So be sure to scroll down so you can catch these amazing tips!

Now that we've enjoyed these gorgeous Fros and Twistouts in Living Color, I want to share with you some Care tips for your color treated hair. Having your hair dyed is SUCH a Gorgeous way to show your creativity, BUT it is a TASK to keep your hair healthy and growing. With any type of Chemical process their are certain rule of Thumb Methods you can use to keep your hair from Breaking and falling out.

  1. Deep Condition: Deep conditioning while color treated is 1 of the best ways to keep your hair nourished. Helping your hair to lock in moisture deep conditioning will help you retain hair and continue to grow.
  2. Moisturize: Moisture is 1 of the main issues with keeping chemically treated hair healthy, especially if you have natural or a kinky/curly natural hair texture. Applying moisturizer daily will help prevent breakage and in turn will help you keep your hair growing.
  3. Promote Growth: Use oils such as Jojoba, Coconut Oil and Tea Tree oil to promote hair growth. Massaging these oils into the scalp will promote faster growth while repairing any minor damage to the hair as well.
  4. Wash your hair: Water is often considered the enemy of color/chemical treated hair. If your natural hair texture is kinky/curly this could not be further from the truth. Water is the #1 source of moisture; It is good for your hair and scalp. So spray it down. To protect the color you can always use shampoo to prevent color bleeding.
  5. Detangle and Wear Protective Styles: Color/Chemical treated hair can get really dry. On a head of natural hair that can cause excessive tangling. Keep your hair regularly detangled and wear protective styles to keep the hair from reverting to tangles as well as to lock in and protect your hair from loss of moisture.

So now that I've shared these great tips with you Go ahead and use them. These tips work on Natural hair weather your hair is Dyed, Chemically Treated or NOT!!! You can still use these tips to keep your hair healthy and growing.



Until Next Time Stay Healthy Happy and Always Loving

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