Guest Post : 10 Winter Gardening Tips for Newbies

winter gardening tips


Winter is mostly characterized by inclement weather and short dark days, which makes it unfavorable for gardening. This however doesn't mean you cannot continue growing your vegetables and fruits. With a bit of planning and some creativity, you should be able to get your garden going deep into winter. Here are a few tips how to get it done.

1. Clean everything up

Gather every tool you might have used during the warm season and clean everything up to remove rust and dirt. You can also use a mild detergent to clean seed trays and pots. Detergents are suitable for disinfecting garden tools.

2. Check structures

Check every structure within the compound. Look for signs of rotting and weakness in gates, sheds, fences, and other structures. Any weak or broken structures will have to be repaired before the biting winter winds arrive.

3. Lawn care

The lawn too will need to be taken care of just before winter arrives. Be sure to remove weeds, leaves, and moss from the grass, and also keep off the grass for the time being.


4. Clean sheds and greenhouses early

The greenhouses and sheds will need a good scrub too. Take some time to spruce up chairs and tables, as well as clean garden tools within the same.

5. The vegetable garden

Covering root vegetables with at least 15cm of straw or leaves, or an old piece of carpet can help you harvest these crops throughout winter. These include carrots, onions, parsnips, etc.


6. Plants and shrubs

Prune summer-flowering shrubs and dead-head autumn-flowering plants before it starts frosting. You'll also need to brush show off shrubs and trees as well.


7. Compost

Start a compost heap or bin if you don’t have one I suggest Outdoorartpros your premium source for fountains and gardening decor You can use cuttings and leaves for the base. For those with one already, then give it a good stir to help promote the composting process.

8. Wildlife

Put out food materials and fat blocks in the garden to attract frogs, birds, and hedgehogs to the same. These should help keep most garden pests away from your garden through the winter season.

9. Catalogues

You can also spend the long winter evenings poring seed catalogs and choosing the best ones for the next season. This should give you enough time to plan and even order these seeds ahead of time.

10. Clothing

You too need to protect yourself from the rigors of winter. Consider ordering gardening clothes and other attires specially designed for gardening during winter. You will be surprised how these will come in handy during this time.


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