Fenty Foundation Shade Test: 420 & 430

Fenty beauty shade test 420

They Finally restocked on my Fenty Beauty Foundation shade.

Although they launched back in September. I partially decided and was partially forced to wait til all the hype died down. After millions of beauty and fashionistas across the land had their hands on reviews up and tutorials posted I finally got the drop on when Fenty would be restocking their darker shades.

Although in Nov. it was said the Re-Stock wouldn't happen until Jan I kept a close watch as I had a feeling they would drop sooner. I WAS RIGHT!!! So finally in December I was able to procure my foundation shade from the SOLD OUT EVERYWHERE Fenty Beauty Line.

I purchased 2 Shades; Shade #420 & #430. When it comes to foundation and melinated skin you can never be too caution so buying 2 shades was a necessity (honestly I feel like I should have gotten #410 too). I decided to do a side by side for each shade to give the foundation and the shades their own fair test.

Sadly I only purchased the foundation and not the Pro Filtr' Primer, I'm sure I'll come back with that at a later date and time.  Anywho I applied the foundation NO PRIMER to the right side of my face. I wore the foundation for several hours each and took pictures to show the shade.

Heres the teaWelp I gotta say… The people weren't lying when they RAVED about the shade range of Fenty Foundation. These shades were so close I instantly knew which shade was mine and didn't have to 2nd guess my choice. To be frank when the ladies at Sephora suggested #420 for me I JUST KNEW they were trying to box me in like they do all the black girls with make nc45!! I just felt it in my soul they just told all the black girls “A LOT OF PEOPLE are Shade 420” I immediately turned on my heals to run! (This was when they were all sold out and all I could do was get super stretched samples.  BUT LADIES they were ON!!! Fenty has so many shades that it was clear they wanted to show love to as many brown skin ladies as they could AND I AM NOT MAD!!!


I've been proud my whole LYFE with Fenty!!!

Cosmetics reviews makeup review

First lets just talk about the application. I used a Kabuki like brush to apply 1 1/2 layers of the foundation onto the right side of my face. The foundation blended out beautifully. I immediately noticed that shade #420 looked Very Close if not spot on for my complexion.

So the foundation wore for about 6 hours before it started to show signs of needing a touch-up. This was WITHOUT primer ladies. I will be doing a wear test, and show you throughout the day how the foundation wears with a full face so you can gauge if you want to use your primer or not etc etc etc.

I did notice that the foundation dries down but not as fast as I had previously thought. You have time to spread the foundation into place before it completely dries.

Its medium build-able coverage which I DON'T MIND AT ALL!

In conclusion beauty review

GIRL WHERE … ON EARTH CAN WE FIND SUCH A BEAUTIFUL FOUNDATION!!! FENTY BEAUTY HAS OUTDONE THE GAME!!!!! I love it! The foundation's shade is absolutely phenomenal, the coverage is medium but I gotta say they best part of it all, This foundation is like skin.  I'm looking forward to grabbing the Pro Filtr as well to try this foundation with its formula matched primer. I have no doubt its gonna be beautiful.

Its safe to say I love it! I'm going to stick with 420 for now and use 430 for my summer foundation.

With that I leave you with this

Stay Healthy, Happy, and Always Loving
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