What’s New: Holiday Videos, Makeup Tutorials and More!

Qualah with red fall makeup. Queen of Hearts Palette look on brown skin


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So its been too long darling! So why dont you check out what I've been doing outside of the blog!

I've been busy all the same. As far as the beauty side goes I've uploaded at least 8 videos. I've created many more. I also did my first Live Makeup Tutorial a few weeks ago. I am looking for opportuinities to go live again so keep an eye ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘out! In the mean time check out this video and like my Page too!


I also have had several videos uploaded onto YouTube. Here's a Playlist


Some of my most recent videos have been about holidays! I will probably reblog my posts from last year coupled with what I've done for this year to give you a comprehensive guide to holiday gifting!

In life I've taken up a new study. I have been also working on my music a lot so please check out my Music Site and Socials www.Qualah.com

I've been sick for a period and it really SUCKS!!! Kinda getting better and wanted to drop by and say HI!!!!

Well check me out on all of my socials and until next time

Stay Healthy Happy and Always Loving

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