Grunge Look On a Nite Out

Grunge makeup and outfit Distressed Jeans DIY Top

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Grunge fashion… What the hell is it?!?! What does it look like and is there a face of grunge? I don’t think so… I love Grunge during the fall it’s the first look I usually gravitate towards around this time of year.

DIY Top Grunge Outfit

Take it this outfit I wore to the Hip Hop League Draft My Lita boots from 599Fashion DIY cut up top with distressed jeans that are totally destroyed… Rose Gold Choker purple curly hair and galaxy purple lippie  from colored raine.

Grunge makeup look Brown skin
Forever 21 Canada

My grunge style for the night was totally me during fall. I just decided to re-rock the fit that I did the day after my simple dress. Yes I do wear things more than once in a lifetime lol. 👈🏾 You know what I mean😜

Cute Forever 21 Choker

Honestly to me a choker can make a distressed top looks totally grungy in most situations. I bought this Rose Gold Choker from Forever21 I like it and I like to wear it with my DIY top because it just goes! BTW notice how my top has KING on it…

Yes… That was on purpose😏

Welp thats it for today! See ya next time

Stay Healthy Happy and Always Loving

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