My Fav Fragrance’s Right Now
Its true I've never written a post about my favorite fragrances. I decided to make a change!

Katy Perry Wink Since its been 1/2 a century since I last wrote something I figured I had to jump start somewhere… so here we are.

You must forgive me for being abscent. I simply have had writers block for awhile now! Actually I've had creators block because i've been MIA on YouTube as well. I know I have to just make myself do something because far too long has gone by and I've been ghost.


Anywho Back to the Frangrances. Remeber last year when I suggested Bright Crystal by Versace in my 25 Days of Christmas Gift ideas?!?! Well it was because I wanted it. Turns out I never ended up picking it up but I was shopping on overstock and saw that they had a sampler available. It had been so long since I'd tried it I wanted to get the sample to see if I REALLY ACTUALLY want it!

I ordered it for about $8 bucks, today I tried it for about the 3rd time and I LIKE IT!


I couldn't decided immediately because I hadn't honestly taken the time to just sit and think about it. I've been on the run lately and I've been in so maany places at once I literally have just got my life together. So today I was in my car and I put it on; You know how some scents just dont go with your body chemistry … Well this wasnt one of those, I

LOVE IT! I'm going to buy the full size and I'll

OKAY Lil Jon Meme

give a review when I know how it lasts

throughout the day. I can't take this sample seriously past weather or not I like the smell. OKAY!


HEARMEOUTSo this fragrance IRL has a kinda slight old lady smell, BUT HEAR ME OUT!

So I tried the Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue Body Lotion once and when I went back to find it I couldnt' so I grabbed the parfum. I tried it didn't dig it but it grew on me. It had an old lady tang to it but mixed with my body chemistry it ended up working out… And NO …. I don't smell like granny. LOL

Finally I picked up this super uber CHEAP parfum from City Trends when I went to go visit my BFF in Ohio this year. I lucked out cuz there was no price on it when I was in store, so I prayed to the shopping GOD's to make it cheap… AND they did. GIRL I PAID $3 for this perfume you hear me

yea-kAnyway Its Nicole Lee Eau De Toilette…. Smellss SOOOOO GOOD. The only downfall … Shit dont last for nothing!

I'm thinking about trying the frangrance finishing spray with it to see if it will last. I'll let you know how that turns out!


Perfume.comNeiman Marcus Last Call (Neiman Marcus)

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