Purple Feed In Braids: My Current Hairstyle

So uh yea I just needed a break!!! OKAY!!! Whew girl I am so in love with my braids lately! Summer time is just braid season anyways cuz its too damn hot out to be tryna keep your fro right!!! So braids or wash n go are go to styles for us naturals.

This is my second style with the feed in braids the 1st style was good but due to not enough hair it was tooo short.

But this… This style done by @RiverviewBraids On IG is ON POINT GIRRRRLLLL!!!!! YEA BOI!!!!

Purple Feedin Braid Hairstyle

Any who she used the Yaki Perm Hair I got 3 packs of black and 2 packs of purple. I wish oh how I wish they had pink but any who. Took about 2 hours to complete and yes I did wash and blow-dry may hair ahead of time. The style is so cute and I just wanted to share it with you. Ttyl

Stay Healthy Happy and Always Loving

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